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Earthing and lightning protectionto minimize risks to your business

 earthing and lightning protection icon

Avoid costly downtime with failsafe designs and installations

At Advanced Electrical Limited in Wisbech we regularly work with earth design and manufacturing specialists to create bespoke earthing and lightning solutions that meet all current legislation for clients in Cambridge, Peterborough, Norwich and across the UK. Our engineers can then install earth matrix grids to ensure that in any circumstance, your system and equipment is unaffected. The systems work by dissipating charge to protect your business and livelihood.

Protecting people and property

  • Site surveys
  • HV earthing
  • LV earthing
  • Lightning Protection
  • Surge protection
  • Maintenance & testing

High voltage areas

Lightning can be hazardous to structures and people. The lightning systems we install at Advanced Electrical Limited of Wisbech comply to the latest British Standards to divert high levels of electrical current when lightning strikes to reduce the risk.

For complete earthing and lightning protection call us on 01945 419 077